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Tera x PUBG Collaboration Starts on March 5

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Tera x PUBG Collaboration Starts on March 5

En Masse Entertainment has just announced Tera x PUBG, the latest crossover event for Tera, their MMORPG. This collaboration will launch on March 5 for PC, the PS4 and Xbox One.

Tera players can look forward to dropping-in and engaging PUBG-style BAMs. Additionally, Tera x Tera x PUBG will bring the chance to earn and unlock exclusive themed cosmetics and pets, and En Masse Entertainment will be running daily login bonuses for the duration of the limited-time crossover.

With decorative jeeps and planes littering the landscape around Highwatch, TERA players will need to keep their eyes peeled for PUBG-themed consumables and air drops. The collaboration will have TERA players traversing the map, navigating dungeons, searching for vehicles, zeroing-in on BAMs, and flexing their skills to bring home the chicken dinner.

TERA players of level 60 and higher can participate. Every day during the event, for two hours each day, level 70 PUBG Tuwangis guardians and soldiers will spawn throughout Northern Arun while supply crates parachute drop in from the sky. Smash the crates or beat down the Tuwangis for event rewards of crates, keys, event consumables, and Battle Points, which players can trade in for exclusive PUBG helmets.

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