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TERA artwork
TERA artwork

TERA Holiday Content Now Live on PC and Consoles

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En Masse Entertainment has launched a holiday event in TERA, featuring ‘The Yule War,’ the return of Wintera, and the Golden Gift Box events.

The event will run until January 1, 2020, and “players can partake in the holiday festivities to earn themed rewards no matter where they are in the world of TERA—deep in the deadly dungeons, in the thick of combat in battlegrounds, or out exploring the open world.”

Moreover, players will have the opportunity to hunt down Tiny Santas (which can be felled with a single blow) and Big Santas (stronger opponents). Gamers who track down and defeat these Santa impersonators will earn “gift boxes containing Santa Dolls that can be spent on seasonal rewards.” Big Santas also have a chance to drop the Santa Alpaca mount, which players can use throughout the year, if they are lucky enough to loot it.

Players can also collect Santa’s Yule Treasure Map pieces by conquering certain dungeons during the event. “By combining two halves of the map, players will receive cryptic clues directing them to hidden locations where they will be greeted by Kron, the Santa Cat.” Following Kron will net gamers useful in-game items and additional keys to open Santa’s Gift Boxes.

Furthermore, players can send gives to one another by participating in the annual Golden Gift Box event. More details regarding the event and the “Glimmering Ice Dragon Mount” can be found on the official TERA website.

The holiday events are live on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One and last until January 1, 2020. The False Santa Hunt Event for TERA players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is described thusly by En Masse Entertainment: “Players will be tracking down nefarious thieves who are stealing gifts meant for the good folks of the Valkyon Federation!

The goal is simple. During special event hours, these sneaky “Santas” will emerge from their hiding places. They will run rampant across the land and need to be chased down and attacked. They have a chance to drop shiny Locked Toy Boxes. These magnificent gifts can contain all manner of awesome holiday fare including:

  • Footsteps: Wintry Penguin
  • Cold War Bomber Smart Box
  • Santa Suit Smart Box
  • Santa Cap
  • …and many other great items!

In addition to the chance to get a Locked Toy Box, players will also see stuff sacks of goodies drop that can be filled with all sorts of loot like Squash Pie, Castanica Midnight Oil, Baronial Guild Supplies and much, much more. Each player can earn Wintera Tokens that can be exchanged for all manner of goodies from a special vendor.”

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