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TERA Artwork
TERA Artwork

New Update and Event Launch for TERA on PC

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En Masse Entertainment, the publisher behind the “True Action Combat MMORPG” TERA, has released the v87 update for the game on PC.

Update v87 “focuses on addressing bugs and improving class balance for a smoother experience as players begin to tackle the challenges in recently-added sky island Exodor.”

In addition, a new event labeled a ‘Celestial Experience’ is launching in TERA to ease the grinding experience for players journeying to level 68 to begin the Exodor content.

“Each day during the event, players will receive Celestial Scales for completing their first Vanguard Request and have a chance to earn additional Scales from defeating dungeon bosses who will drop a ‘Box and Key.’ These Scales can be spent to acquire Experience Boosting scrolls that will grant considerable experience for characters level 65 and up. For characters that are already level 68 or higher, the Scales can be spent to purchase a Celestial Dragon mount.”

Moreover, when a player’s character reaches level 68 for the first time with a given class on an individual server, the player will receive starting gear to assist them in the early stages of the Exodor content, where they will gradually replace the temporary gear with permanent versions that are presumably more powerful (as is the case with most MMORPGs).

More information regarding the update and event can be found En Masse Entertainment’s official TERA website.

TERA is an MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Mase Entertainment in North America. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The PC version launched in 2011 in Korea and 2012 in North America and Europe, while the console versions launched worldwide in 2018.

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