Tekken X Street Fighter
Tekken X Street Fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter is NOT Officially Dead

The other day, after a podcast hosted by Harada, several publications including us ran with a story that the project Tekken X Street Fighter could be officially laid to rest. As it turns out this is not 100 percent accurate. This belief was brought about by a mistranslation of some of the things Harada had stated.

During the Interview, Katsuhiro Harada had stated that the game in question had only been 30 percent completed. This was taken to mean that this was the amount of work finished on the game before production has shut down. In actuality, he meant this to mean that this was the work completed on the game in total. He clarified after so many publications got the wrong idea that the game was still “Pending”.

The translation in question was present as “Development stopped but we got about 30 percent done. We wanted to show it, but the project died.” However, as Harada has clarified, how it should have been translated as was “Up to 30% of the development was in progress, but now it is still pending.”

For people that are excited by this news, meaning that we still might see the game in the near future, it is important to temper expectations. The game is not currently in development, as it had been shelved by Namco Bandai several years ago. This could have been because Harada was busy with other projects or any number of other reasons.

Though the project is considered pending, there is no clear time frame on when, or even if, the project will start up again. It is important to note he also mentioned during this podcast an inability to show pictures of Street Fighter characters, due to the rights belonging to Capcom. This heavily implies that the partnership between both companies at the start is not in the same place anymore.

So as it stands there is still a chance we might be to see the cross-over at some point in the future. It has been nearly ten years since the project was announced however, so I would take this with a grain of salt.

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