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Tekken X Street Fighter
Tekken X Street Fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter Is Officially Dead

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Back in 2010 two of the biggest names in fighting games, Street Fighter and Tekken announced a crossover project between the two games. The plan was for the Street Fighter developers to make a crossover involving characters from both games, and to use Street Fighters mechanics and visuals for how the game would play and look. This project Street Fighter X Tekken was released in 2012.

Nearly 10 years after that fact, Namco Bandai had still yet to hold up their end of the bargain in Tekken X Street Fighter. The idea was the game would be similar to Capcoms effort except developed by Tekken’s team, using the Tekken mechanics and visuals.

As it turns out, we can kiss the dream of Tekken X Street Fighter goodbye once and for all as Katsuhiro Harada has officially confirmed that the game has been canceled. This should not come as a shock to many as minimal updates on the project and a lack of any major progress on the title lead many to already assume this was the case. Despite that, Harada had insisted publically that the game was in development multiple times, and it was never officially canceled.

On an episode of Harada’s podcast the topic arose. Harada praised the visual models that the team had been working on, in particular the character model for Chun Li. He then stated that as much as he would love to show them off he cannot as the characters are owned by Capcom.

Speaking on the project as a whole he stated “Yeah, development stopped but we got about 30% done.” While no real reasons have been given as to how the project fell apart, the assumption is Namco Bandai cut their losses since the development length was becoming too hard to justify.

Tekken 7 did include a guest appearance by Street Fighters Akuma that worked pretty well. If that was what we could have expected of the rest of the roster this could have been an awesome fighting game. Right now Tekken’s Kazuya is slated to appear in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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