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Tekken 7 TGS Gameplay Trailer

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Tekken 7 TGS Gameplay Trailer

The new trailer appeared to be cinematic at first, but all the action began halfway through the clip. It showed the varied fighting skills of some of the game’s playable characters like Akuma and his fireball technique. According to reports, the Satsui dark master will portray a significant role in one of the game’s storyline.

Their main goal is to banish all the supernatural entities that were roaming the world since the ancient period. While the organization would like to keep their existence a secret, it still managed to come out. This led Mishima Zaibatsu to ask them to join the group. Since the group refused to allow Mishima Zaibatsu to join them despite his pressure, as well as the countless reports of harassment, Claudio Serafino had to investigate why the evil corporation is determined to infiltrate the group.

The arcade edition of “Tekken 7” was officially released in Japan in March 2015, but gamers all over the world will finally have a copy of the fighting game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in early 2017.

Check out the Trailer:

“While certainly entertaining, we’re disappointed to report there isn’t anything new to learn from Bandai Namco’s latest Tekken 7 trailer. The video provides an all-encompassing preview of the publisher’s unreleased fighting game, from a plot and gameplay perspective, but we’re not sure there are going to be many surprises between now and the Tekken 7 release date since so many names have already been confirmed for the game’s roster.”

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