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The Technomancer Overview Trailer

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The Technomancer Overview Trailer

The Technomancer was announced early last year, but at last the first proper trailer is out so we can see what it’s all about. Set on a “dystopian Mars” (is there anything but a dystopian Mars?), humans have settled there in colonies for hundreds of years, but society has broken down and corrupt forces reign supreme. The player, as the titular Techomancer, must trek across Mars in search of a mysterious secret which will alter the fate of the red planet forever.

My first reaction would be to go back to Earth, but apparently a cataclysmic event closed off all communications and methods of travel back home, so you’re stuck there forever. It’s kind of what I imagine would happen if the lunar rover ever got a flat tire.

The game it’s an action-RPG in which you play as a mage warrior utilising electric-based powers amplified by cybernetic implants. An even more badass Adam Jensen basically. It’s going to have all the usual role-playing gubbins like skill trees, quests, a branching story and hours of squinting at numbers in order to make sure you’re wearing the best belt to prevent being cut in half by a giant spider.

Check out the Trailer:

“Spiders has released more information on the game’s melee combat system. Hero Zachariah will have access to three unique weapons for the three combat stances: a staff that specializes in long ranged melee attacks for Warrior Stance, a gun and knife combo for highly agile attacks with a little crowd control thrown in for Rogue stance, and a mace and shield combo for Guardian stance. These weapons are meant to be used in conjunction with Zachariah’s electric based Technomancer abilities to create a unique fighting style for each player.”

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