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The Technomancer Launch Trailer

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The Technomancer Launch Trailer

A new launch trailer shows a sneak peek of the brutality of a Technomancer’s life on Mars, as well as shows hints of what players can expect from gameplay, which involves combat, dialogue choices and even romance options.

There are four different skill trees, including the technomancy skill tree, to help you gain an edge in action encounters. But combat, diplomacy and deceit are all valid ways to solve quests as they come up, and of course, your dialogue choices affect the story. You can also loot, buy and craft weapons and armor for both yourself and your companions.

Companions are an important part of Technomancer as well. In Bioware fashion, they serve as romanceable characters with their own points of view who may even walk out on the player if their beliefs are pushed to the limit.

The Technomancer releases on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 27.

Check out the Trailer:

“The latest from developer Spiders Studio is much different from the fantasy setting of its previous work on Bound By Flame, but has a lot in common with the older Mars: War Logs. Players control Zachariah, a skilled warrior on a war-torn red planet. As a Technomancer, players make use of electricity to take down foes. We learn more about Zachariah’s character in the trailer below, including details on his love life and mission to contact earth.”

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