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Team Ninja Wants to Create a New IP For PS5

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The head of Team Ninja Yosuke Hayashi told Eurogamer.pt that the studio is very interested in creating a new game for the Sony PS5.

“I believe that a new console will bring new opportunities and we would like to create a new game, a new intellectual property for PlayStation 5,” Hayashi said. “We created the Nioh series for PS4 and we would like to do the same for PS5.”

According to reports from Gematsu, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja has announced that Nioh has sold over 3 million copies around the world. The sequel is just around the corner, releasing on March 13 worldwide.

Team Ninja is a renowned division of Koei Tecmo, established in Japan 25 years ago as a part of Tecmo. The current president is Yosuke Hayashi, the team has developed the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series.

Team Ninja was formed by Tomonoby Itagaki, the goal was to develop a home version of the arcade success Dead or Alive, the team was established from Tecmo’s designers. Team Ninja later released Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360, the title was published by Microsoft Game Studios, this was Team Ninja’s first IP not to be published by Tecmo. After some difficulties with Tecmo, Itagaki departs and founds Valhalla Game Studios, a significant amount of designers followed Itagaki on his new project.

Team Ninja kept working in the earlier 2010s releasing multiple titles for Nitnendo, they co-developed a new Metroid action-adventure game for the Nintendo Wii, another significant title they co-develop was Hyrule Warriors.

After Koei Tecmo was established in 2013, Team Ninja was split into two different development teams. One is named Ichigaya Development Group 1 and the other is Ichigaya Development Group 2. Later in 2017, Team Ninja released Nioh, which was in development since 2004.

It’s very interesting to learn what is Team Ninja planning for the next-generation console. What do you think is planned behind doors at Koei Tecmo? Let me know at the comment section below.

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