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Team Ninja
Team Ninja

Team Ninja Developing Romance of The Three Kingdoms Action Game

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Koei Tecmo has announced that two of their studios, Producer and Game Creator Kou Shibusawa and development studio Team NINJA, will be teaming up on an action title set within the universe of the long-running Koei franchise Romance of The Three Kingdoms. First introduced in 1985 and taking its title from the epic 14th century historical novel of the same name by Luo Guanzhong, the franchise is more traditionally known as a strategy game.

This news was first introduced during a live stream celebrating the 40th anniversary Kou Shibusawa with Koei, now Koei Tecmo. Several things were discussed over the two-hour-long stream, but within but announcements like this were also present.

Romance of The Three Kingdoms takes place during the fall of the Han Dynasty (180-220) and the Three Kingdoms period (220-280) in Chinese history and accounts for the formation of political factions that would vie over the unification of China under one banner, similar to the Sengoku period in Japanese history. It should also be noted that Koei already has one action franchise that has been spun out of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms series, the popular hoard slasher Dynasty Warriors.

Team NINJA has been well known for action games since they revived the Ninja Gaiden series in 2004. Recently they have also found success with their souls-inspired samurai franchise Nioh as well. They are currently developing a Final Fantasy spin-off, using similar mechanics to that of Nioh, which will be called Strangers In Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins.

It remains to be seen what this upcoming project will play like. With Team Ninja now being called upon by companies like Square Enix for challenging action games, it is possible that this collab might be similar. The team does have a range of action titles to draw inspiration from, having developed Dead or Alive, Dissidia NT Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem Warriors as well.

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