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Nioh 2 Complete Edition Comes To PC, February 2021
Nioh 2 Complete Edition Comes To PC, February 2021

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Coming to PC via Steam, February 5, 2021

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Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Coming to PC via Steam, February 5, 2021.

In a recent reveal trailer for the definitive edition of the PlayStation 4 exclusive released earlier this year, Koei Tecmo America and developer Team Ninja announced that Nioh 2 is coming to PC on February 2021.

The Complete Edition for Nioh 2 comes with all three DLC expansions including: “The Tengu’s Disciple”, “Darkness in the Capital”, and the final chapter “The First Samurai”, which releases on December 17, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

The second iteration of the series comes with a switch in gameplay by adding the Demon Form and Yokai Shift abilities, creating another layer on the already complex fighting mechanics. The Nioh series may have gone under the radar for some, but any fans of the Souls-like genre should check this series out. The meaty combat is different enough and rewarding in its own right to set it apart, but still provide what Dark Souls addicts are always on the lookout for. Additionally, Nioh: The Complete Edition is 70% off until November 20 on the Steam Store.

The PC edition comes with 4K Ultra-HD support, ultra wide-screen compatibility, 144Hz monitor support, capability of running a consistent 120 FPS, full mouse and keyboard support customization support, and gamepad compatibility.

“We are extremely thankful to all of our die-hard PC fans who have patiently waited to play Nioh 2,” says producer Fumihiko Yasuda. “We are working hard here at Team Ninja to add the finishing touches to Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition, and are excited for you to experience this gripping masocore game with a wealth of graphical customization. Ready your blades, and unleash your darkness – the formidable foes await you on February 5, 2021.”

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition is coming to PC and PlayStation 5, February 5, 2021.

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