Taming the magical Beasts of Dark and Light

Taming the magical Beasts of Dark and Light

Dark and Light places players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic.

The open world of Dark and Light is home to a wide array of creatures, many of them teeming with elemental magical energy. These creatures can be tamed and turned into mounts to use during battle or help explore the world. These creatures are also a great source of elemental magic and may be hunted for their magical abilities.

There are over 40 types of creatures in Dark and Light; ranging from familiar creatures like boar and elk to mythical creatures including unicorns, dragons, gryphons, and a variety of new and original creatures never seen before.

Taming creatures requires skill, resources, and time. Players will need harpoons and good aim to catch a creature and tie it down. A captured creature will likely struggle to escape at first, but it will become tired eventually. When this happens, players need to set up a feeding trough with its favorite food to calm them down and domesticate them over time. Some larger and fiercer creatures, like wyverns and dragons, may require a team effort to capture. Not all creatures can be tamed using this method however and require a different approach entirely.

Once tamed, the creatures can be used as mounts during battle in Dark and Light. Having a powerful land-based mount, such as a horse or an elephant, will be a huge asset in PvP/PvE battles and for material transportation. Players aren’t just limited to land mounts – wyverns, gryphons, and even aquatic creatures are rideable!

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“Elemental Monsters are also available, they can help in a multitude of different ways. The only way to tame these monsters is by defeating them and collecting their fragments where players then have to take the fragments to the church to “revive” them. The Fire Elemental will help players combat the cold weather and can be used to melt down other elements; the Water Elemental can provide drinkable water for players and be used as a personal sprinkler system to water your crops; The Ice Elementalhelp to bring down the hot temperatures and to keep food fresh (yes hunger is a thing in this game and food can spoil); the Earth Elemental is a tank and great for those Castle sieges; the Wind Elementalis very handy for players going through toxic swamps safely.

Dark and Light is a survival game as much as it is an MMO, for beginners there are normal animals that will help you survive: deer, sheep, pigs, elephants, bears, leopards etc. They will provide basic resources to help on your journey of survival. If you feed these animals; players will also be able to get their magical crystals which can be used for shapeshifting.”

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