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The Tamer Awakens in Black Desert Online

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The Tamer Awakens in Black Desert Online

The Tamer class is joining other Black Desert Online classes as Awakened with the completion of this week’s maintenance. Awakened Tamers will gain access to the Celestial Bo Staff and be able to take the fight to enemies faster along with high skill and defense. To show off the Tamer as Awakened, the BDO team has released a new video.

The Celestial Bo Staff allows Tamers to more easily target small groups or lone opponents with high damage, expanding their skill set in one-on-one combat. But Tamers also have new tricks up their sleeves against large groups of enemies: sweeping area of effect attacks now knock back foes, sending them sprawling to the ground and leaving them wide open for an even stronger follow-up attack.

Check out the Trailer:

“Kakao Games will perform today a 7-hour maintenance in the western servers of Black Desert, in order to implement the awakening update for the Tamer class and improve the network. Currently the Tamer (Beastmaster) class uses her martial arts skills and black spirit pet to destroy enemies. The awakening update adds a completely new play style to the class with its new weapon. Sky Rod is the name of the awakening weapon and brings a longer range and attack power to the class. With the Sky Rod weapon you will find it easier to deal sufficient combat damage without the need for her pet.”

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