Take-Two Appears To Have Abandoned Agent Trademark

Take-Two Appears To Have Abandoned Agent Trademark

The company Take-Two teases us a few years ago (2007) with a spy game called Agent, after after multiple delays finaly the project was canceled. The status update for the trademark appear as abandoned as of November 19, 2018. “Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.” Maybe the company just let the project die, however maybe they are planing to rebrand the game or implement some of its stealth-spy mechanics elsewhere.

The original game Agent was a PS3 exclusive, the company was expecting to be its next Grand Theft Auto. As we know the company released Red Dead Redemption in 2010 and became Take-Two’s other top-tier open world franchise.

Sadly at this point maybe we will never see “Agent” as a full fledge game but hopfully some of the amazing mechanics in other Take-Two Games.

The trademark for Agent was last renewed in 2016, weeks ahead of that year’s E3. Its renewal, particularly due to the convenient timing, led many to believe a re-reveal was imminent. Obviously, this failed to happen. Neither Rockstar nor Take-Two ever so much as mumbled a word about whether the game was still in development.

In 2007, Sony began teasing the single-player stealth-action title that would become Agent. During that time, it was only known as a Rockstar Games-developed PlayStation 3 exclusive. Agent’s official announcement arrived a couple of years later, during E3 2009. A title, logo, and tentative synopsis were all fans had to go on. But it was enough, more than enough to build hype. Set in the Cold War era late in the 1970s with espionage at its fore, Agent seemed the perfect playground for a Rockstar adventure. Unfortunately, said adventure was never meant to see the light of day.

However, Take-Two’s letting the trademark slip away doesn’t have to mean Agent is canned in its entirety. Dare we hope Rockstar is still developing an espionage title that simply has a different name and premise?

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