Wolfenstein: Youngblood Story Trailer Revealed; Coming in July

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The last time we smashed a Nazi soldier’s head in, was back in 2017 when we jumped into a world took over by Nazi armies, which utilized some high-tech heavy-armored weapons to resist in front Terror Billy but to be honest, they was just kidding themselves! If a tough guy like BJ Blazkowicz becomes a […]

Wolfenstein III Confirmed By Bethesda


Wolfenstein III Confirmed By Bethesda Vice president of PR and marketing of Bethesda Pete Hines, has just revealed that the company is definitely going to make Wolfenstein III at the near future. Speaking with Metro, Hines was asked outright if there would be a third entry in the acclaimed Nazi-killing shooter, to which he responded: […]

Can Bethesda Corner the Single-Player Market?


With recent news and holiday games coming out, it’s becoming apparent that loot boxes and other micro-transactions are seeping into AAA games. For better or worse, these new monetization methods seem to be here to stay. You can read my previous article, The Loot-Box Surge, for more information on loot boxes and the players who […]