Roadhog ‘Whole Hog’ In-Depth Guide

Roadhog ‘Whole Hog’ In-Depth Guide Overwatch’s Roadhog is always a reliable and fun pick, and he bridges the gap between a damage carry and a huge frontline tank. While he hasn’t been too dominant in the meta lately, he certainly has some strong points, and can really help to counter some heroes that are popular […]

God of War ‘Arrow’ CG TV Commercial

God of War

God of War ‘Arrow’ CG TV Commercial A new CG trailer for God of War has been released, offering a dramatic look at the world and action of the upcoming PS4-exclusive game. The trailer features the two protagonists of God of War: series staple Kratos and his son Atreus, a new character to the franchise As you can see, […]

Yo-kai Sangokushi Japanese TV Spots

Yo-kai Sangokushi Japanese TV Spots Level-5 has released a set of three TV spots for Yo-kai Sangokushi, its upcoming Yo-kai Watch and Romance of the Three Kingdoms crossover. Due out for 3DS in Japan on April 2, Yo-kai Sangokushi is the series’ first simulation game and puts the yo-kai of Yo-kai Watch in the roles […]