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God of War
God of War

God of War ‘Arrow’ CG TV Commercial

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God of War ‘Arrow’ CG TV Commercial

A new CG trailer for God of War has been released, offering a dramatic look at the world and action of the upcoming PS4-exclusive game. The trailer features the two protagonists of God of War: series staple Kratos and his son Atreus, a new character to the franchise

As you can see, this is the full TV commercial, so it’s likely that it’ll air (or a shorter version of it) during TV ad breaks until its 20th April release.

Atreus’ arrow is featured a lot during the above trailer, serving as a symbol of his growth, as well as how the trailer transitions through time; very clever. This trailer seems to hint that Kratos and Atreus will have some sort of a character growth, which will be interesting (and heartwarming) to see.

Here’s the video’s description:

“From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognisable icons. Living as a man outside the shadow of the gods, Kratos must adapt to unfamiliar lands, unexpected threats, and a second chance at being a father. Together with his son Atreus, the pair will venture into the brutal Norse wilds and fight to fulfill a deeply personal quest.”

Check out the Video:

As the trailer continues, a number of combat sequences take place with Kratos fighting a number of creatures. Atreus’ arrows become more effective in subsequent fights, finally climaxing with the boy’s arrow taking out a troll-like creature just ahead of Kratos. Many of these same scenes will play out in the finished game, as evidenced by a leaked gameplay video earlier this week, only with the player controlling Kratos and giving out orders to Atreus.

The release of God of War is fast approaching and the marketing push for the game is clearly in full swing. The game’s creative director was recently featured in a video explaining the game’s lore and setting, and Sony has announced a special God of War themed PS4 Pro.

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