Massive Online Games

Massive Online Games The PS3 and Xbox 360 era was the first real push into online gaming and services. It was the testing grounds for online gaming and downloadable games. New features were introduced such as cloud saving, online matches, party chat, downloadable content, patches, achievements/trophies, and the first inklings of social media interactions. The […]

EVO 2017 Recap

EVO 2017 wrapped up on Sunday and it was a great display of talented players eSports fighting for glory. Evolution Championship Series(EVO) is considered to be the Superbowl or World Cup of the FGC(Fighting Game Community). EVO is a international tournament that had modest beginnings in arcade culture, now it’s a huge gathering of players […]

Street Fighter V Details For New Modes And Content

Street Fighter V Details For New Modes And Content Capcom has released some new details on additional modes and pieces of related content that will be made available in Street Fighter V when it launches. These modes are attempts to offer interesting diversions from the standard head-to-head and arcade modes. Some of these features will […]