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Street Fighter V Details For New Modes And Content

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Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V Details For New Modes And Content

Capcom has released some new details on additional modes and pieces of related content that will be made available in Street Fighter V when it launches. These modes are attempts to offer interesting diversions from the standard head-to-head and arcade modes. Some of these features will be available on the release day of the game proper, as where others will be made available soon after launch.

There will be a new Story Mode in which each fighter will engage in events having to do with his or her back story. Instead of wearing the normal costume in the Arcade Mode, characters are not necessarily dressed in their current respective gees, uniforms or outfits. They are wearing attire that they would eventually leave for their iconic outfits for the Street Fighter tournament. Once the player has finished the story component with a particular character, he or she will unlock the opportunity to purchase the story costume for use anytime. This feature will be made available at launch.

Street Fighter V will also have a Survival Mode in which the player will have to take on a string of adversaries. In this case, the life bar and EX gauge ratings from a previous victory will carry over into subsequent matches without being refilled. The player will have to keep both gauges in good standing in order to complete the mode, but there is a way you can gain some health and EX back. Through defeating opponents, you can receive points that can be redeemed to acquire power ups. These bonuses can refill health or add buffs to your attack and/or defense ratings. The thing to be wary of is that purchasing power up will take away from your score, creating a sort of risk-reward system. Completing Survival Mode across all difficulties will unlock new colors to use on costumes and offer titles for that specific fighter.

The Challenge Mode consists of four smaller modes and is intended for honing your skills with each character. The Battle Tips section will offer helpful strategies through tutorial lessons and demonstrations. The Trails mini mode test your understanding of how to execute killer combos with any character. These two components will become available sometime during this March.

Targets is a little mode that offers daily tasks or objectives to complete. Accomplishing these goals will yield in-game currency, character titles and unlockables akin to Story Mode. It is suggested that these tasks will be generated daily and will not always be the same. Lastly, the Extra Battle sub-mode allows you to duke it out with special opponents in an effort to earn rewards in some form or another. These last two modes will be available soon after the launch of Street Fighter V.

On the multiplayer side of things, online match lobbies will only support two players at launch, but Capcom intends to allow for eight player to join a lobby. A spectator mode is also in the works and will be paired with the eight player lobbies in the March 2016 update. For those who are possibly hesitant to fork out the cash for a brand new arcade stick to enjoy this anticipated title, there is great news. Street Fighter V will actually support older legacy PS3 arcade sticks at launch.

The last bit of info surrounds the addition of character Alex. Capcom revealed that Alex can be unlocked and acquired for free through the in-game currency just by completing the Story and Survival modes. It is not known how much in-game cash is needed to add this new fighter to your roster, but it is nice to see something that can be unlocked the old fashioned way – through simply earning it. It is good to see Capcom looking at this game as a way to provide a solid game out of the box while still potentially providing a service platform to keep player engaged with it. Street Fighter V is still looking at a February 16 launch date for the Playstation 4 and PC.

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