The National Dex – Could they Bring it Back?

The National Dex – Could they bring it back? Pokemon Sword and Shield was shown off during E3 with tons of new news. You can see Pokemon walk around outside, fight gym Leaders in a large spectacle, and the ability to Dynamax your team to do special attacks, like EX attacks in Sun and Moon. […]

New Models Being Used for Pokemon Sword/Shield, Says Game Freak


With the recent news that the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield titles only containing a specific amount of Pokemon in the game, many fans are distraught with the idea of not being able to collect all Pokemon in the vibrant universe of the lovable pocket monsters. In the wake of the news many believed that […]

New Pokemon Sword/Shield Trailer Shows Off More Footage

Pokemon_Sword_And_Shield_New Commercial_Trailer

The next big installment in the Pokemon franchise is heading to the Switch later this year and fans are already frothing at the mouth to get their eager paws on the new title(s). Sword and Shield are introducing plenty of new features, and today Nintendo unveiled a new trailer for the game giving fans another […]

Game Freak Explains Why Every Pokemon Won’t Be Featured in Future Titles

Pokemon Sword and Shield Not to Include Every Pokemon

Pokemon fans are hyping themselves up for the official release of the next-gen Pokemon titles hitting the Switch later this year. The new titles – Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – offer up a brand new generation of Pokemon discovered within the new region of Galar. Nintendo has been pulling back the curtains lately offering […]

Plenty Of New Details Shared For Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sowrd ad Shield New Details Released

With the Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct showcase giving us an official release date, fans can now mark their calendars. As we’ve already learned, we’re set to receive both Sword and Shield on November 15, 2019 – but we also learned about several new features within the next mainline title. Check out the new trailer […]

Pokemon Sword And Shield Receives Release Date; Arriving This November

Pokemon Sword and Shield Release Dates Announced

In today’s Pokemon exclusive Nintendo Direct, fans got a closer more in-depth look at the next core Pokemon titles, Sword and Shield. We were able to see plenty of new details and features for the generation 8 titles along with the most important detail of all – the release date. Check out the all-new trailer […]