The Primal Podcast #13 – Banjo in Smash, Destiny 3 in Dev, Game Pass on PC and More

Characters from Super Smash Brothers

Banjo-Kazooie Coming To Smash, Destiny 3 in Development and More – The Primal Podcast #13 Join us on The Primal Podcast #13 where we discuss the possibilities of Banjo Kazooie finally appearing in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Thanks to the recent leaks and trademark renewals the dream is becoming a reality than ever before. Does […]

Fierce Harmony Interview with Michael Pummell

Fierce Harmony Interview with Michael Pummell (Editor’s Note: This article was previously published on the Solid State Gamer on June 19, 2015. ) Over the past few weeks I have been doing much research on a video game that time has long forgotten. That game is known as Fierce Harmony: The Beginning. Developed by Indigo […]