Nintendo Reveals Two New NES Titles Arriving to Switch Online


The two latest titles to hit the Switch’s Online service have been revealed by Nintendo as they continuously increase the title count for the subscription. The service allows subscribers to play a library of classic NES titles on their Switch console for a relatively low cost. The two new titles revealed are Kung-Fu Heroes and […]

The Switch Adds Rewind Feature For NES Games

The Switch Adds Rewind Feature For NES Games It seems like Nintendo is going by what emulators did for their games as Nintendo is adding a Rewind feature to any of their NES games all while announcing Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew will be added to the NES games library. This is an […]

Nintendo Comments on Expanding Switch Online Subscription

Nintendo Expanding Online Service

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is nearing its one year anniversary with very little to show. While the subscription model is the cheapest out of the three main console manufacturers, allows players to dip into a few dozen original NES titles at no extra cost and provides heated online competition in titles such as […]

New NES Games For Switch Online Library Confirmed, Releasing May 15

Switch Online May NES Titles Announced

As a leak surfaced earlier this week noting the next three classic NES titles to land on the Switch Online Subscription Service, it appears they were indeed spot on. Subscribers will be able to try their hand at three new NES titles all with online play included. Check out the announcement trailer from Nintendo below: […]

Nintendo Seems To Have Leaked New Switch Online NES Titles For May Early

Nintendo Leaked May NES Titles

With April 2019 now in the books, May is hitting us with new games and new game additions to the different video game subscriptions. Microsoft and Sony have both revealed their free game line up as apart of their subscription based service models, but we’ve yet to receive an official announcement from Nintendo for their […]

April Introduces 3 New NES Titles To Switch Online

Switch Online April NES Games

It’s a new month which means Nintendo is ready to introduce new classic titles heading over to the Switch Online service’s NES collection. Nintendo announced today that Super Mario Bros. – The Lost Levels, Punch Out!! and Star Soldier are all headed to the library. The Switch’s online service continues to grow every month with […]

New NES Games Arrive for Nintendo Switch Online Users

Switch Online

New NES Games Arrive for Nintendo Switch Online Users Nintendo announced today that NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key and Super Dodge Ball are available now to play anytime and anywhere on the Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch Online service. Also, along with this announcement, Nintendo revealed the NES games that will be available on November and December this […]