The Switch Adds Rewind Feature For NES Games

The Switch Adds Rewind Feature For NES Games

It seems like Nintendo is going by what emulators did for their games as Nintendo is adding a Rewind feature to any of their NES games all while announcing Donkey Kong 3 and The Wrecking Crew will be added to the NES games library.

This is an interesting change as rewinding some moments in any game will save you tons of lives in the very end. Also this makes sense as plenty of games made when the NES was around were unfair at the very least.

The SEGA Mega Drive Classics collection had the function that let you rewind any of the games in order to prevent Sonic’s death during several parts of the game when the game was released in 2010.

Nintendo Switch Online is $19.99 for a yearly membership which allows you to access all of the NES games on the Switch library.

The feature has yet to be added but it will be part of an update that’s coming on July 17.

Hopefully with this new rewind feature, players will be able to prevent any accidents for Mario while trying to save the Princess. You don’t want Mario to make any mistakes on his adventures do you?

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