NBA 2K20 – Becomes Highest-Selling Game of 2019

Anthony Davis NBA 2K20

Another year passes and another slew of sports games are released to the masses. FIFA, Madden and 2K usually being the ones spoken about every Fall. This generation has been different in many ways and one of those, especially this year is the discussion of microtransactions in video games. We’ve seen more content creators, journalists […]

NBA 2K20 Demo Becomes Available on August 21, Only for Consoles

NBA 2K20

September is one of the crowded months of the year for video games, especially when it comes to Sports genre. FIFA 20, eFootball PES 2020 and NBA 2K20 all will be launched in September and your pockets are going to get empty if you have an eye out for shooters like Borderlands 3. However, all […]

NBA 2K20 Gets New Screenshots Showing Top-Class Players

NBA 2K20

As always, 2K Games has got a new entry under development for its Basketball simulation series, accurately based on the upcoming season of NBA games. NBA 2K20 officially announced a few weeks ago and recently, we got the chance to have our first look at the game through some new screenshots showcasing top players of […]

NBA 2K20 Is Set to Launch on Sep 6; First Teaser Released

NBA 2K20

The next entry for NBA 2K series officially announced via 2K Games by revealing a brief teaser, release date, target platforms and contents for each edition of NBA 2K20. NBA 2K20 is going to launch this Fall on September 6th while the developer names it as the next generation of basketball simulation games. The game […]