Lawbreakers is Free This Weekend


Lawbreakers is Free This Weekend Boss Key Productions announced today that Lawbreakers is inviting gamers who haven’t had a chance to play the critically acclaimed, action-packed first-person shooter to jump into intense multiplayer battles at no cost during the Free Weekend Event. The event will  be available from Thursday, Sept. 28, 6pm BST to Monday, Oct. […]

Lawbreakers is Available Now


Lawbreakers is Available Now It was announced by Boss Key Productions,  that Lawbreakers launches today on PlayStation 4 and PC. The frenetic shooter brings unprecedented vertical combat, allowing players to deliver fatal blows from every direction utilizing innovative movement systems and combat abilities. Choose between nine dynamic roles, eight gravity-defying maps, and five buzzer-beating game modes in high-intensity […]

LawBreakers Beta Open to All Players Starting Today

LawBreakers Beta Open to All Players Starting Today LawBreakers is the upcoming FPS title from Cliff Bleszinski’s studio, Boss Key Productions. The latest Cliff Bleszinski title will be going into Beta later this week and we’ve got the official start times so you know exactly when you can start breaking laws. The beta includes: New […]

E3 2017: PC Gaming Show Announcements

PC Gaming Show

E3 2017: PC Gaming Show Announcements In the PC Gaming Show E3 2017 briefing, were announced various games for the PC gamers. Also Intel presented the VR Challenge Tournament, featuring various multiplayer VR games for competitive virtual reality. The PC Gaming Show announcements were: PC Gaming Show started with the announcement of a new expansion coming […]

LawBreakers is Coming to PlayStation 4


LawBreakers is Coming to PlayStation 4 It was announced by NEXON, that PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to beat gravity into submission and compete in gravity-defying competition in LawBreakers, the new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) from renowned game designer Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions. Check out the cinematic trailer of Lawbreakers, featuring an action-packed CGI […]

Lawbreakers Alpha Looking for Recruits

At the PC press conference earlier today, Cliffy B. talked for a time about his next crazy and over-the-top arena FPS now known as Lawbreakers. Previously under the working title BlueStreak, this new entry in the current renaissance of old-school arena shooter is still a threat and Bleszinski was eager to speak of the game’s […]