Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski Working On A New IP

Update: The new Ip in question is a comic series. In 2020 he had stated he had an idea but he wasn’t sure if it would be a movie, comic book, video game, or something else so it was unclear at the time. The article has been updated to reflect this change in information.

Some people out there might be too young to remember the name, Cliff Bleszinski. Starting at Epic Games in the early 90’s, CliffyB as he is popularly referred to as, was instrumental as a designer on the Unreal games. He would later go on to be the lead designer on one of Xbox’s most successful franchises Gears of War, which he also helped create.

After he left Epic Games in 2012 it would be mostly downhill from there. He set up his own studio called Boss Key Productions right after his departure. Soon after his first game for the company, Lawbreakers was announced as a fast-paced FPS akin to the Unreal franchise. This game had to compete with the newly released overwatch and ultimately lost. They then moved onto an ’80s themed battle royale game called Radical Heights. This game had to compete with his old company Epics’ Fortnite… And ultimately lost.

During this time, however, he was offered a role on the then-upcoming Silent Hills by director Hideo Kojima. He would turn down that offer but was flattered, as he tweeted in may of 2016. There was some spark of success in there as he also produced a musical called Hadestown, which was well-received upon release.

Since he shelved Boss Key Productions in 2018 after Radical Heights had fallen off, he had been relatively quiet. That is until he took to Twitter today to say that he is currently working on a new IP. This new Ip is question is a comic series, though during 2020 he was mulling over multiple media for the idea. It is possible we could see cross-over in the future.

As he points out in the tweet, he has enlisted artist Sandy Jarrell and writer Alex De Campi for this new IP that he is working on. Outside of that, nothing else is being revealed in the comic thus far. Hopefully, this decade is kinder on CliffyB than the last one was.

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