Upcoming PlayStation Exclusives Confirmed For Current Gen Release

Sony Exclusives Confirmed For Current Gen

The PlayStation brand has provided tons of enthralling and top-tier exclusive titles over the course of the PS4 generation. While there’s still a few big names yet to be released for a console which is entering its sixth year, many fans are beginning to wonder whether or not titles like Last of Us Part II, […]

Naughty Dog Hints At Finishing Up Development For Last Of Us 2

Last of Us Part 2 Closing Out Development

A recent tweet from a Naughty Dog employee points towards the possible end of development for the highly anticipated Last of Us Part 2. Anthony Newman, Last of Us Part 2’s co-Director, has released a tweet informing fans and fellow game designers that Naughty Dog is currently hiring for a few open positions to assist […]

Rumor: New Last Of Us Part II Update Arriving Before E3

Rumor Last of Us 2 Update

While many of Sony fans are still fighting through hordes of freakers in the recent release of Days Gone, many more are preparing for Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Part II title. With Sony skipping out on E3, which occurs in almost a month from now, these same fans are eager to know when we’ll […]

The Ending Scene For The Last of Us Part II Has Officially Finished Shooting

Last of Us Pt 2 End Scene Wrapped Up

In the wake of exciting PlayStation news regarding the reveal of specs arriving in the next gen PlayStation console, it seems one of the current generation’s remaining AAA exclusives is nearing end of production. The Last of Us Part II Game Director, Neil Druckmann, has sent chills down fan’s spines as he tweeted a tease […]