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Sony Exclusives Confirmed For Current Gen
Sony Exclusives Confirmed For Current Gen

Upcoming PlayStation Exclusives Confirmed For Current Gen Release

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The PlayStation brand has provided tons of enthralling and top-tier exclusive titles over the course of the PS4 generation. While there’s still a few big names yet to be released for a console which is entering its sixth year, many fans are beginning to wonder whether or not titles like Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding will be pushed back as next gen titles. But after Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2019, it seems as though the company has every intention of releasing these upcoming exclusive games in time for the PS4.

Though we’ve yet to receive an official release window for any of the three anticipated titles above, Sony has given fans and investors some clarification in regards as to what console their upcoming exclusive library will release on.

“For the next three years or so, PS4 will be the engine of SIE’s engagement and probability, as we seek to keep the existing owner base engaged and delighted and attract new owners from different markets and different demographics(…)In this, we will be massively helped by an outstanding roster of new and exclusive games that have yet to be launched.” – Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan

So, fans worrying about whether they’ll be able to indulge on the next cycle of exclusive titles on their current hardware should feel a bit better about the future. While all three of these titles could still easily be at least a year away form release, it seems as though we’ll still be able to enjoy them on the PS4. However, there’s still some questions regarding whether or not some or all of the remaining AAA exclusives will release as cross-gen launches, but the next gen PlayStation hardware has already been confirmed to be backward compatible with at least PS4 games, so releasing these games on next gen hardware alongside current gen seems a bit redundant.

Unless, of course, the studios behind them plan on remastering or enhancing various performance elements in any of these games.

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