Anthem – New Interceptor Gameplay

Interceptor from Anthem

Anthem – New Interceptor Gameplay Here is some raw gameplay of the Interceptor from Anthem – 28 minutes of raw footage of high quality 60FPS footage. The Interceptor is one of the four javelins that you could play at the launch of Anthem. Each javelin provides completely different play-style, looks, abilities and so on. The […]

Anthem Lore for Beginners

Anthem Lore for Beginners

Hey there everybody, today I’m going to be talking you through what we know about the stunning background lore for Anthem, all the factions we know about so far and the core conflict that you can look forward to changes the tides of when the game releases in February next year.

Anthem – Exploring Fort Tarsis: Details and Showcase

So this Thursday we got a brief glimpse into the area known as Fort Tarsis in the Anthem world. This is the ‘Personal Story Hub’: an open, single-player area we are free to explore that will be where we find our missions, equipment and vendors. Today I’ll be exploring the potential of Fort Tarsis, what we saw, and what we might hope to see in the future.