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Interceptor from Anthem
Interceptor from Anthem

Anthem – New Interceptor Gameplay

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Anthem – New Interceptor Gameplay

Here is some raw gameplay of the Interceptor from Anthem – 28 minutes of raw footage of high quality 60FPS footage. The Interceptor is one of the four javelins that you could play at the launch of Anthem. Each javelin provides completely different play-style, looks, abilities and so on. The Interceptor provides a fast paced melee ninja/assassin style type of combat. Think of him as the Genji of Anthem but with guns and all kinds of other cool futuristic gadgets as well.

In Anthem you can also play as Storm and the Colossus. The Storm is Anthem’s mage/nuker type class that has a lot of cool animations and awesome looking spell effect type of abilities. As the name implies the storm has elemental powers such as the power to freeze enemies and create all kinds of combo setups for the other javelins in your party. Meanwhile, the Colossus provides taunts and acts as the leader of the pack and protects the group or also known as the tank in the world of Anthem.

What’s really cool is that in Anthem the gear and loot system is quite deep and players can create and come up with interesting and creative builds for each of the javelins. Want a Colossus that’s more of a damage dealer or rather a bruiser than a tank? Then you can do so, depending on your luck and what kind of gear you’re able to get. The most fun part is trying to get a build going based of one stat too see how it works out if you’re able to stack that particular stat. Some players, might want to create super defensive builds, while others pure single target damage dealing builds or area of effect farming.

Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for more Anthem coverage as we get closer to the release date and check out our other Anthem articles for more information.

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