The Primal Podcast – Episode #23: The Future of Halo and Xbox


This week, the Primal Podcast crew return with a special guest in the form of Halo extraordinaire and gaming aficionado Brandon. Together with Leo, Jordan and Jake, he’ll be tackling the rumours about Halo’s newest title; Halo Infinite. Jordan has been covering everything you need to know about the game so far, and as our […]

Halo: MCC Xbox One X Enhancements

Halo: MCC

Halo: MCC Xbox One X Enhancements Ever since the launch of the Master Chief Collection in late 2014, 343 Industries has been busy with updates to its compendium of Halo titles. With the launch of the Xbox One X, you’d have figured 4K support would’ve been immediately available for Microsoft’s premiere franchise. Coming this summer, just that will be […]