Rumor: New Fable Details Possibly Leaked [Updated]

New Fable Details Leaked

Update: The rumor below has information taken from a now-deleted video of supposed leaked details on a new Fable title. However, the video appeared to be from a 3D artist demo reel and was being labeled as “in-game footage” for the new Fable. This leads us to believe that the current rumor was indeed false […]

The Return of Fable Follow-up

The Return of Fable Follow-up News has struck the gaming community about Playground Games, makers of the Forza Horizon series, claiming that they are currently working on an “open-world action rpg”. It seems the return of Fable is all but imminent, and many hope and pray that this speculation comes to light. Previously, I looked […]

What If Lionhead Developed Fable 4? What We Want

Fable Hero from Fable

With Lionhead out of the picture there are rumors that Playground Games is working on the next Fable. With this rumor floating around we’d like to take a moment and wonder, what if Lionhead developed Fable 4 after all. What would it be like and would it work?

The Return of Fable? Rumors and Speculation

The Return of Fable? Rumors and Speculation Lionhead Studios, once a pioneering titan of Microsoft, sadly fell off the gaming scene in 2016. The studio was best known for reinventing the typical action-RPG with their well-crafted Fable Series. Many gamers have dreamed of the day that the franchise returns to bring the franchise to better […]