Rage 2 Official PC System Requirements Announced

Rage 2

Insane fast-paced action titles are something that Bethesda dies for and that’s why you can see a wide variety of the aforementioned genre games within the publisher’s history. Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein 2 and now Rage 2. Avalanche Studios’ open-world first-person shooter is coming to give you a vast expanse space to do whatever crazy stuff […]

Rage 2 New Trailer Showcases The Game in a Nutshell

Rage 2

After Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone, most of the gamers have marked Rage 2 on their calendars as the next big launch of this year. Avalanche Studios and id Software are on the edge of releasing their sequel to one of the 2010’s crazy first-person shooter that really needed this revival from the creators. […]

Rage 2 Got a Long Walkthrough at PAX East 2019

Rage 2

For anyone who wants to have fun with killing monstrous enemies and breaking their bones, Rage 2 is a rich playground to jump into and get a lot of crazy kills, as it’s latest gameplay walkthrough shows tons of weapons and abilities to take down the enemies and perform some interesting and creative kills to […]

Founder of Avalanche Studios Announces His Departure

Avalanche Studios

Founder of Avalanche Studios Announces His Departure One of the founders of Avalanche Studios is leaving the company he created back in 2003. I’m talking about Christofer Sundberg, the same that created a studio from his kitchen and led it to be known worldwide for its IPs. He just posted this announcement at Twitter: I […]

Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Revealed


Generation Zero Gameplay Trailer Revealed Avalanche Studios revealed today a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open world game, rendered with the award-winning Apex engine, Generation Zero, coming to PS4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. THQ Nordic announced a while ago, that they signed a worldwide physical distribution deal with Avalanche Studios for Generation Zero, […]

Rage 2 – Deep Dive Gameplay Analysis

Mutants and mechs from Rage 2

Rage 2 – Deep Dive Gameplay Analysis Rage 2 was announced earlier this month on May 15th’ 2018, a game that no one really asked for came in out of nowhere as the alleged Walmart Canada leak as a pleasant surprise. Bethesda also released some actual gameplay footage that is filled with a ton of action, […]