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Contraband image
Contraband image

Contraband Revealed at Xbox Showcase

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Who doesn’t love a good caper? Well, the team at Avalanche Studios appears to because their next game will be a heist game set during a fictitious version of the ’70s. Developed by the same team that did Just Cause, their newest IP Contraband will see you teaming up with your friends to pull off daring heists.

While not much is seen during the game trailer, it does tell us is that the game will be set in an Open World, though the world in question remains a mystery. It will also feature Co-op play though again, this is left to be seen.

The trailer opens up on record as the needle goes down on it. We are treated to the psychedelic tune of the 1972 Steely Dan song ‘Do It Again’. From there we begin a tour of what would appear to be a hideout. We start with audio equipment. A machine with two large spools of tape, most likely recording conversations.

From there we move to a table with a map laid out. The map has the words “Sun River Job” written on it. A chest that is front and center on the map is the most likely score to be had from said job. We see a few people sitting up top but as the trailer is a freeze-frame, they do not move.

From there we move slowly down to a bunch of gear by a jeep. A person is under the jeep repairing it. And on top of the said jeep is the prize they were after, the red chest from the sun river job. It would appear that they were stealing the name for the game as we pan into the open chest to see ‘Contraband‘.

There is no set release date for the game yet.

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