Rage 2’s Second Update Adds New Difficulty, New Game +, More


Rage 2 has only been available for a couple of months now and already we’re beginning to see hefty updates hit the open world, chaotic FPS. The second major update is set to hit the title next week, and with it comes a variety of new modes and adjustments t the game. The new update […]

Rage 2 Receives New Contents Every Month; Roadmap Revealed

Rage 2

When Avalanche Studios says “insanity rules” in Rage 2 it doesn’t mean that you are only going to see crazy things within the game’s world. Rage 2 debuted with insane trailer and show at E3 2019, it owns a crazy world with a wide variety of dumb actions to do, it showcased the humor lied […]

Rage 2 Gets More Than 20 Minutes of Gameplay to Showcase Its Crazy World

Rage 2

In the middle of next month, Rage 2 will be out and open-world shooter fans can’t wait to see what crazy actions are in there to be performed by them. For me, Rage 2 is like a post-apocalyptic Far Cry game and it surely has the potential to knockout Ubisoft’s New Dawn and delivers its […]

Rage 2 New Trailer Showcases Weapons and Abilities

Rage 2

Rage 2 is just around the corner and Avalanch Studios is preparing everything in the final days of development to give players the most polished game possible. On the other hand, the closer we get to the release date, the more we know about different aspects of gameplay. While a 30-minute gameplay demo during PAX […]