Rage 2

Rage 2 Receives New Contents Every Month; Roadmap Revealed

When Avalanche Studios says “insanity rules” in Rage 2 it doesn’t mean that you are only going to see crazy things within the game’s world. Rage 2 debuted with insane trailer and show at E3 2019, it owns a crazy world with a wide variety of dumb actions to do, it showcased the humor lied beneath with its funny launch trailer and now the insanity goes further with the game’s large amount of post-launch contents being revealed today, which will begin to come just one week after the release date.

Rage 2 will be bringing an open-world first person shooter experience in a post-apocalyptic world that every faction tends to rule a part of that, while searching for supplies made them and you to fight against each other, however, there is more reasons to battle with General Cross’ army to beat him up and clear your way through the end of your funny and sometimes brutal journey. No matter how much time it takes to complete the pilot story missions, since there are so much side missions in-game and so many activities will be coming as post-launch updates just a week after the game’s release. Wasteland Challenges, weapons skins, cheat codes, world events and new rides are part of supportive contents for Rage 2 that will become available for free each month.

It seems fun so far doesn’t it? It can even get more funnier if you loosen up your pockets to purchase the paid DLCs of Rage 2. The first which is called Rise of the Ghost will be launched in August, adding new story missions, new faction, new areas, distinct vehicles and funny abilities. Next one, which hasn’t named yet, will be coming in Fall 2019, again adding new contents like the previous DLC. Here you can check out the image of contents for more details:

Rage 2 Roadmap

Rage 2 will be showed up on storefronts as of May 14 and you can play it on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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