Sony and Microsoft Partnership Analysis On Thursday, May 16th  Microsoft announced that they are officially starting a partnership with Sony to work on future cloud technology, ways to innovate customer experiences, and AI. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, boosted this message on Twitter saying, that he’s, “Excited about the opportunities ahead with Sony for us to pursue our […]

Anthem Loot, Builds, and Gear: How it Works and Our Thoughts

Anthem's Deep Loot and Gear Systems - Breakdown.

Just last night we got an epic treat from the devs of Anthem, as Ben and Darrin (both producers on Anthem), set out to show us exactly what we’ll spend the majority of our time focussed on in the game. If you haven’t guessed already what that system is going to be, it’s Loot. Today we’ll be diving into those systems and what you can expect when gearing up your Javelin suits in Anthem.

God of War Combat and Crafting Analysis – Our Early Concerns

Giant troll getting angry and getting ready to fight Kratos in God of War

God of War Combat and Crafting Analysis | Gaming Instincts About a month away from the much anticipated Nordic-themed reboot/sequel of God of War, and yet outside of press conferences and events, there has been a slight drought of raw, unedited gameplay from the iconic Spartan godslayer. Better late than never, as the old adage […]

Let’s Analyze – Super Mario Odyssey Trailer

Let’s Analyze Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Leo, Luis, and Jonathan sit down to discuss and analyze the fresh brand new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo Switch is currently the big hype and of course, we could not get away without making something special for the fans and ourselves. We’ve decided to get down and dirty […]