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Scars Above
Scars Above

Scars Above Premieres During Koch Showcase

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During the Koch Primetime Livestream, a new game was showcased called Scars Above. With gameplay seeming to take place on a bizarre and creepy alien planet, it seriously conjures up some major Returnal and 2001: A Space odyssey Vibes. Like all the games being talked about by Koch, the game is part of the Prime Matter label.

The plot revolves around a team of scientists investigating a strange object near earth. Upon arriving to investigate Kate Ward, the protagonist is transported from her ship to an alien planet. She soon learns that the rest of her team has been brought there as well. Since the planet is extremely hostile forces her to have to fight for survival.

A major theme that will be present in the story is that of fear. Since Kate is not a soldier the game will attempt to explore her bravery in the face of fear as she attempts to rescue her team and escape from the planet.

The Mad Head Games Game Director also talk at length on the newly established partnership with Kock Media, saying:

We are beyond excited to give people the first sneak peek at our upcoming title Scars Above. While we’re not giving to much away at present – no spoilers if you will – but the story revolves round our main protagonist, Kate Ward, Kate Ward, a scientist and astronaut stranded on a strange and hostile alien world.

Our partnership will help bring Scars Above to a truly global level through Koch Media’s teams across every continent and major territory.

We’re really excited for the future and we can’t wait for players to experience Scars Above for themselves.

There is currently no information as to when or where the game will launch.

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