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Syndrome Launches Today on PC, Windows and Mac

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Syndrome  Available on PC, Windows and Mac

Developed by Camel 101 Syndrome is now available on PC, Windows and Mac, with Linux coming soon. The action takes place aboard the Sps Valkenburg, a pioneer ship equipped with the most advanced systems in the Novacore fleet, that serves as an exploration and science vessel.

It’s a sci-fi survival horror game, Players must find out what happened to your lost crew. The game features dark spaceship corridors, scarce weapon supply, and the fear that everything will to kill you.

Enemies follow noises and any disturbance so players must be cautious, there are not enough bullets so players must survive and sometimes run.

Watch the launch trailer for Syndrome:

“Your only hope is to search the quiet, drifting ship for clues and piece together the events that took place while you were asleep. But with the misshapen, bloodthirsty forms of your friends and coworkers also on board, it’s not going to be an easy task.

Find Syndrome on Steam with a 15% launch discount: http://store.steampowered.com/app/409320/

Find out more about Syndrome at http://syndromegame.com/ or follow Camel 101 on Facebook and Twitter.

About Camel101
Camel 101 is an independent and self-funded game development studio created by three friends who dreamt of making games. A small team that doesn’t limit itself to small projects, Camel 101 is constantly striving to outdo itself and create great experiences for players.

To date, Camel 101 has released several PC titles that range from simpler casual games to complex space strategy war games. In the next year, the studio is expanding to the console market. Official website: http://camel101.com

About BIGMOON Entertainment
Since its foundation, BIGMOON has set a simple goal: develop and publish the best games possible. The team loves great stories, fun characters, and innovative challenges. That’s why they put all their dedication and passion into creating and developing hardcore role-playing, action-adventure, survival, and strategy games. Immersive stories, worlds to discover and great characters are in their DNA.

BIGMOON is an independent publisher and developer and for all major game platforms, including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. BIGMOON already developed other games such as Demons Age, Trapped Dead: Lockdown, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action and produced art on some well-known racing games such WRC 5, WRC 3 and MotoGP 13. For more information on BIGMOON, please visit: www.bigmoonstudios.com.”

Check the source for more info.

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