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New Fear Effect announced

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New Fear Effect announced

Fear Effect: Sedna will be the third official game in the franchise, if it meets its crowdfunding goal. Sushee is taking the game to Kickstarter in the coming days and is doing so with the permission of Square Enix Collective, the division of publisher Square Enix that launched in 2013 to help foster and promote indie games. (Square Enix Collective was originally born of a partnership with another crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.)

Sushee describes the game as a “brand new adventure, from the streets of Hong Kong to the cold world of Greenland” that features the series four mercenary protagonists Hana, Rain, Glas and Deke.

Sushee is a small independent studio based in Lannion, France. The developer is currently working on Goetia, a point-and-click adventure game described as a Victorian mystery were players assume the role of a ghost. Goetia launches April 14 on Steam.

Kickstarter for Fear Effect Sedna, is set to launch Tuesday, 12th April.

Check out the Trailer:

“So players have to expect major changes both in terms of the gameplay and the visuals. We are a small team of 10 people. We are not Kronos. We are an indie team. We want to make something that respects the series, but it’s not going to be Fear Effect 3. It’s going to be a new Fear Effect with new gameplay.”

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