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Switchblade Is Now F2P on Steam And PS4

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Switchblade Is Now F2P on Steam And PS4

Developers Lucid Games is happy to announce that Switchblade, their team-based vehicle action MOBA, is available now for players to download free on Steam PC and PlayStation4.

Switchblade sets two teams compete in a frantic 5v5 arena-based battle, as they work together in carefully selected heavily armed sci-fi vehicles, to destroy the enemy base. Each vehicle in Switchblade presents its own unique role on the battlefield, which players can choose to suit their own play styles. Two vehicles are selected at the start of each match and can be switched at any time offering endless tactical choices. Unlock and upgrade new weapons, talk to and support your teammates and join forces to claim total victory.

Check this gameplay trailer down below:

Our main ambition for opening Switchblade up to the wider public by going Free to Play is to grow the user base as much as possible for the benefit of the game and the community. Not only do we hope that more people will discover Switchblade and decide to join us on this journey of creating an action-packed MOBA, but we also hope to broaden the feedback we receive from our fans to keep refining Switchblade all the way up to its full release out of Early Access, and beyond

When we launched Switchblade into Early Access back in August 2018, the state of the game truly reflected that classification as we were aware the game wasn’t quite ready for prime time but still wanted to expose people to our take on an action MOBA and incorporate early community feedback into our development. As we’ve been working on the game, tweaking the balance and refining the overall experience, we feel confident in the games offering to change its description from Early Access to Beta.

Whilst practically speaking, this won’t change how the game is handled on Steam and PS4 (we will remain in the Early Access process), we wanted to affirm our commitment to the community to get the game ready for its full release through a milestone such as this. Moving to Beta puts us in a position of “feature complete” but mainly addressing bugs and adding in new content.

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