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Switch Pro
Switch Pro

Switch Pro Specs Leaked by Verified Insider – Rumor

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A verified ResetEra insider has just revealed some of the specifications of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. Other allegedly insiders are referring to the next-gen consoles on Reddit as the “Super Nintendo Switch”.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Writing in the ResetEra forum, Z0m3le states that:

“As for the Switch model incoming, we should just treat it like a PS4 with DLSS and a more capable CPU. That’s plenty to get an idea of what it should be capable of IMO. A decade of GPU advancements and a raw performance on par with PS4 is just something we can all be happy and excited about.”

Zom3le allegedly received the information from data-mined information from a Nintendo Switch game that features a profile for a 1440p resolution system.

“It wasn’t found by me or anything, it was found by a data miner and shared with someone on Nintendoera, so it’s this community’s information, I just happened to catch it there and bring it up here in the thread.”

Insiders affirm that the new hardware is codenamed Aula, it’s using a Mariko SoC. Dataminers have found a bunch of references to Aula in the code, from Aula’s handheld mode support to the higher resolution profile. Aula also has firmware support for some Realtek chip that advertises itself as a “4K UHD multimedia SoC”.

The Mariko SoC will potentially allow engineers to optimize the performance, potentially creating a console with better battery life and cooling. It’s expected that the new system will be 4K capable,  feature revised Joy controllers, 256 GBs of storage, and will have an MSRP of 399 USD.

Nintendo has reportedly informed its third-party partners to start producing games on 4k, the Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to use NVIDIA’s DLSS technique to upscale games to higher resolutions. Interestingly, Yoshitaka Murayama, a veteran in the videogames industry unintentionally affirmed that his latest project, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, will launch for a next-gen Switch in 2022.

Source: ReseteraReddit

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