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Surreal action-RPG “L U C A H” hits Kickstarter!

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Surreal action-RPG “L U C A H” hits Kickstarter!

Melessthanthree is proud to announce L U C A H, a style-action role-playing game about finding oneself. Featured at QGCon and LA Zine Fest, L U C A H debuts on Kickstarter seeking a $20,000 funding goal by July 7th, and has already amassed a critically enthusiastic online following.

Set in a surreal dreamscape of oppressive rituals and torment, L U C A H challenges players to survive the onslaught of nightmare manifestations by mastering a deep and flashy combat system. Players will utilize customizable Mantras and Familiars to string together devastating combos and lay waste to Nightmares with a kinetic flurry of spells, projectiles, and counterattacks.

L U C A H’s interconnected world is thick with atmosphere and tension. A unique hand-drawn art style suggests a hostile world where much is left to player-imagination. This ambiguity lends the game an emotional potency that digs deep into the player’s mind by inviting them to fill in uncertain elements with personal memories.

The game will come out for PC

Check out the Trailer:

L U C A H is currently in an ALPHA state, which means the core mechanics are complete, the aesthetic style is set, and the game’s progression is plotted and locked down. The current demo covers the first three chapters of the game (about an hour of playtime), with a total of ten chapters planned for the full game (planned 6-8 hours of playtime).

In order to complete L U C A H, we need finishing funds to pay for the development of these last seven chapters. These chapters will include plenty of new Nightmares and Bosses to fight, more Mantras, Familiars, and Virtues to find, new Friends & Foes to meet, and the rest of the Dreamscape to explore.

A portion of the Kickstarter funds will also be used for licensing and various other fees involved in developing a commercial game, such as the engine license and the Steam Direct fee. In addition, once the game’s content is complete, time will be dedicated to implementing extra visual & mechanical polish.

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