SuperGiant Games Announces Pyre


SuperGiant Games Announces Pyre

Pyre, a new role-playing game from Supergiant Games, the indie darlings behind the idiomatic jazz-noir puzzler Transistor and the innovative actioner Bastion. The art and mood are everything you’d expect from the characteristically artful developer, with a rich color palette of reds, blues, and browns and a beguiling tune haunting the trailer.

Pyre, slated for release in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC, will see the player “lead a band of exiles through an ancient competitionspread across a vast, mystical purgatory.” The trailer, along with offering a taste of atmosphere, showcases a bit of the game’s combat, which Supergiant says will be fast and engaging.

At the beginning of the game, your luck has almost run out when several masked wanderers find you and revive you from the brink. With your help, they seek to learn the truth about the Rites, a secretive competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions.

As you journey across the Downside in the wanderers’ custom black wagon, you’ll meet a variety of characters of all shapes and sizes, and learn what’s at stake for each of them should they prevail in the Rites. Your actions will determine who returns to glory, and who remains in exile to the end of their days.

Check out the Trailer:

“Multiple exiles go through Pyre’s Rites for the opportunity to return their homes, blameless and sin-free. Your character travels with masked wanderers through Downside, hopefully working well enough with your three party members to defeat others in what appear to be strategic battles. Winners get a chance to redeem themselves, while the losers remain in this other realm.”

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