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The Hero for Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Hero for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Hero Beginner’s Guide

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Hero Beginner’s Guide

The Hero from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is now in Smash Brothers, along with heroes from the past Dragon Quests. He has a ton of new moves to play around with and we’ll show you what they are and how to use them.

Basic Attacks

To start off, many of the Hero’s attacks are energetic and have a decent amount of range due to his sword, similar to Link. To note a few he has a sprinting jump slice that lunges him forward, a down air that can spike opponents, and a back slash air that can get some airborne opponents by surprise.

Smash Attacks with Hero can trigger a Critical Hit, it happens at random and will result in you doing a stronger attack. You can tell when you get a Critical Hit when the screen zooms in on your character when landing a smash attack. This is similar to Luigi’s side special which has a random chance to do extra damage as well as some extra fire damage.

He has a shield that can block projectiles in neutral stance, and his forward tilt is able to block these attacks as well since it acts as a shield bash. The tilt also has an extra hit when using the shield bash so make sure you use that as well.


Most of his specials all rely on charging in order to get the full use out of them. They also require MP in order to use, so always hit the opponent using your sword and don’t spam your specials. Starting with his Neutral Special Frizz, in which the Hero throws out a fireball. The attack can charge up to level three with the second level being Frizzle which does more damage, and the third being Kerfrizz, which does the most damage and uses the most MP. You should also note that these attacks use MP and the higher the charge, the more MP the attacks use. If you don’t have enough MP, even fully charged, then nothing will happen giving the opponent a chance to attack. Additionally, you can save the charge of your Kerfrizz. You cannot save the charge of his other attacks however so don’t even try.

His Side Special Zap is pretty unique as three of its levels have pretty unique qualities. His regular zap is quick and can knock opponents back. His second level, Zapple, has a longer range with more damage, and his level 3 Zap is a Kazap in which a bolt of lightning will strike the hero’s sword, stunning anyone right next to him and finishing off with a powerful 360 swing. The range of Kazap is shorter than the other two versions but will do tons of damage if you manage to get someone with it.

His Up Special lets him use his Woosh-type spells which can be charged up to level 3 as well. His regular Woosh simply lets him jump up into the air fairly quickly. If you’re right next to an opponent while doing this, they will get launched into the air. His level 2 Swoosh lets him jump even higher in the air with some control, while leaving a small tornado to form under him, damaging his opponents. His level 3 Kaswoosh allows him to jump the highest, while the gusts of wind under him damage opponents nearby.

Command Moves

Now let’s look at his Down Special which pulls up a random list of commands that use up bits of MP. You can exit out of the commands by either jumping or blocking. He has around 20 moves that he can use and here’s all of them.

His first command Oomph increases his attack power for a bit of time and with a proper smash attack, you can do a large amount of damage.

Psyche Up increases the power of your next attack. The downside is that you can only do this for one attack, but it’s pretty much worth it if you land a Smash attack on the opponent.

Acceleratle increases the Hero’s agility, allowing him to move very fast.

Zoom will let you jump high into the air and land on the middle of the stage making it a great recovery move if you’re able to select the move while being blown off stage. If you’re directly under a stage or if there’s a ceiling right above you, the Hero will hit his head.

Bounce gives you a reflect ability that deflects any projectile, similar to Fox or Falco.

Heal heals up your percentage in a pinch.

Snooze is a small projectile that goes through the opponent, making them sleep. If you’re fighting more than one enemy, you can use this to put them both to sleep.

Kaclang turns the Hero into metal, making him invincible to most attacks.

Metal Slash is one of the few attacks that can penetrate Kaclang as it Insta-Kills metal opponents. No it does not kill ROB in one hit. So it otherwise does a weak attack.

Flame Slash is swung in a wide arc, dealing a decent amount of Fire Damage.

Sizzle shoots a small fireball toward the opponent doing some nice damage.

Hatchet Man is a close-range attack that will always do a critical hit if you can manage to hit the opponent with it. It has a slow startup, so try to hit the opponent when they’re stunned.

Karackle Slash freezes your opponent, allowing you to get some extra hits in.

Kaboom and Bang lets the Hero throw a highly explosive spell at the opponent, generally launching them in the opposite direction.

Thwack and Wack are moves that can instantly KO an opponent, though it has a very low chance of activating unless the opponent’s percentage is pretty high. Otherwise it will do nothing and miss.

Hocus Pocus gives you a random buff or debuff which can range from being slowed down, or doing more damage by becoming big.

Magic Burst will unleash an explosive burst of Magical Energy around the Hero with a large AOE and will use up the rest of your MP. The damage it does depends on how much MP you currently have, max being 100 MP

Kamikazee unleashes a powerful explosion from the Hero. It’s powerful, but will instantly KO yourself, so don’t use it in tournaments.

Finally, for his Final Smash, he gets the other heroes to lend him his power for a final hit. It has a high vertical range and will allow you hit an opponent jumping into the air in front of you.

Well there you have it those are all of the moves and commands that you can use as the Hero.

While his stronger attacks and moves depend on using a lot of MP you can easily manage yourself by going on the offensive and using your more powerful moves as you see fit.

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