Super Mario Run for Android launches in March

Super Mario Run for Android launches in March

Super Mario Run will make its way onto Android devices in March, according to a tweet from Nintendo’s Japanese account.

Super Mario Run is an endless runner featuring Shigeru Miyamoto’s golden touch. It’s free to start, with an optional, one-time fee of $9.99 to unlock all worlds and modes.

The object is to run through six worlds to rescue Peach from Bowser and collect colored coins on your way. Replay value was a big focus for Nintendo. Once you nab all coins in one color on a given level, you can play through the same level to collect different coins placed in new locations.

“Super Mario Run launched on iOS platforms on December 15. The company promised an Android version, but held back due to security concerns. Nintendo allayed its fears by requiring players to be connected to the Internet to play the Apple version.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first game for mobile devices, launched Dec. 15 on iOS after debuting at an Apple event in September. It is played solely by tapping on the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet: Mario runs by himself, and the player must tap when they want him to jump. The game features four modes: World Tour, Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally and Friendly Run.

Nintendo describes it as “free to start” — players can download Super Mario Run and play three levels before they have to fork over $9.99 to unlock the rest of the game. A page for Super Mario Run is live on the Google Play Store; interested parties can “pre-register” with their email address to be notified when the game is live.”

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