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Super Mario Remasters
Super Mario Remasters

Super Mario Remasters Will be Announced Soon – Rumor

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The most recognized character in the video-games industry is turning 35 in September 13th, Nintendo is reportedly planning a big celebration for the Italian plumber to be released in 2021.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Nintendo had planned the release of several Super Mario remasters for the 35th anniversary, but the ongoing pandemic disease has slowed the development of the remasters that are to be announced in the following weeks but will launch in 2021.

The claims come from YouTuber Nate the Hate, VGC also can confirm that Nate’s affirmations are in accordance with the information they received from insiders.

I think now it’s going to be positioned more as a holiday game than as they had originally planned. I believe the original plan was that the 3D collection was going to come out in September, had these games been announced in June… then we probably would have had 3D World Deluxe follow it in either October of maybe even early November. Now that’s completely scrapped.

If Nate is right, and the Super Mario remasters are real, Nintendo lost its best card against the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series S. Is also important to mention that Nintendo has opted to be very discrete about their current projects as the COVID-19 is still posing a challenge for game developers.

Back in March 2020, VGC reported the insider’s leak from several Super Mario Remaster projects being developed as a 35-year celebration of the franchise.

At this moment, there is a lot of speculation from the different news outlets, is uncertain which of the Super Mario games are coming back, surely the most cherished ones are Super Mario, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, Mario 64 and Mario Odyssey. There are some portable games that also deserve a remaster. Nintendo has been reached by journalist for more information, the answer that they were given is that Nintendo  “does not comment on rumor and speculation.”

Nintendo has recently teased an image of Mario chilling in the sunshine, something that fans interpreted as a teaser for the Super Mario Sunshine Remaster, one of the rumored titles to come back in HD. This Nintendo tease may have confirmed Nate’s and VGC’s information.

Source: VGC

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