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Sunset Overdrive 2
Sunset Overdrive 2

Sunset Overdrive 2 Teased By Insomniac Games

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Insomniac Games has probably teased about plans of Sunset Overdrive 2, the developer via Twitter uploaded an image of that looks almost identical to the mutant creatures that were featured in Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive released as an Xbox One exclusive, in the game, players take the role of a survivor in a dystopian world, the game features an action-adventure gameplay, players must do all kinds of parkour moves while they aim a weapon to destroy the mutants. The game takes inspiration from Jet Set Radio, players can skate on power lines while they do some killing. Creativity and flashy moves are needed to gain more points.

Set on the year 2027, the future world has been overrun by mutants called the Overcharge Drinkers, the main character is a former FizzCo employee, he must clean the mess created by the launch of the energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT.

Sunset Overdrive features a main campaign boasting several side-missions, those are activated when the players enter certain locations in the city. Several factions also appear in game, human friendlies and enemies are encountered, as well as, gang members and FizzCo’s robots. Overcharge Drinkers mutants and several bosses have a much higher difficulty level.

Some RPG mechanics are also included in the game, players will earn experience points that will allow them to upgrade weapons. Players can also choose the course of action that better suits their skills, from stealth and tactical combat on the ground to acrobatic combat grinding on rails.

The game also featured an eight-player co-op mode, called the Chaos Squad, players joined to defend a large batch of Overcharge Delirium XT from the ODs, this mode required players to set barriers and defenses.

Insomniac Games has not announced that a sequel to the acclaimed Sunset Overdrive is planned, but an announcement might take place in the following months.

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