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Tim Willits
Tim Willits

Studio Director at id Software Leaves the Team After 24 Years

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Break-ups always leave so many good and bad memories behind. Within the video game industry, these breakthroughs are sometimes inevitable even if you put your whole life on the place that you are working at. After Kaz Hirai left Sony, here is another breakthrough with over two decades of memories. Tim Willits is leaving id Software.

Tim Willits, studio director at id Software and the man who worked on many titles within his 24 years of career at id, has decided to leave the studio. The reason behind the decision is yet to be known, but Willits officially revealed it through his Twitter account.

Doom Eternal was the last title that Tim Willits was working on and he promised that, until its launch, the game will be “in very good hands.”

Tim Willits has also worked on Rage and Quake series at id Software, where he started his career in 1995, thanks to some well-designed Doom levels that convinced the studio head at the time to hire Tim. It remains as mystery that whether Willits will found his own studio or get retired from video game developing.

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