Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Battle Mode Announced

Executive Producer of Streets of Rage 4, Cyrille Imbert, announced today the launch of the next installment in the iconic beat ’em up on April 30. It was also revealed the return of Battle Mode.

Everyone at Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games is super excited to finally make this dream a reality. As huge Streets of Rage fans ourselves, we can’t wait for you to play and enjoy the  game.

This blog is about more than just the release date. We’re also ecstatic to reveal the return of Battle Mode, a game mode that will help you and your friends decide once and for all who truly is Wood Oak City’s finest alley-clearing ruffian.

Battle Mode allow players to select your favorite characters and test your skills against friends across several memorable levels. While it’s true that Streets of Rage 4 is all about cooperation, developers included a multiplayer mode dedicated to let friends know, who is the strongest. The game mode also allows players discover which of the main characters adapts better to the different playing styles.

Street of Rage 4 will feature 17 fighters, 12 of those are “freshly tuned classic combatants”. A lot of work has been made to make the game with a retro feel, but with modern gameplay. Developers were tasked to make all animations feel authentic. But as the game features characters from other games, the team had to go over every timing and every hitbox, frame by frame.

Our team had to rip each and every character, one by one, frame by frame. This was an exhausting process because we were dealing with around 1,500 different frames. But the next phase was even more complicated because we had to reconstruct all the animations with the right timings from the original games. Because of how intricate this process was, everything had to be done by hand.

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